Sacyr Maintenance performs the conservation, maintenance and repair of port facilities, including maritime signaling infrastructure.


Our technical capacity allows us to face any work related to the maintenance and repair of port infrastructure and facilities including the execution of those minor infrastructure works that are planned with the same objetive.


Main activities within the port area:

- Docks: conservation of defenses, structure and other elements whatever the type and use, as well as those minor accessory works.

- Roads: pavement conservation, whatever its typology, vertical or horizontal signage, doors, barriers, closures, ditches... as well as the execution of minor works of new implantation.

- Service networks: both preventive maintenance and corrective works, including pipes, wells, channels, treatment plants, special parts... as well as the execution of new networks of any typology.

- Conservation of buildings: conservation of all the elements of the buildings, and minor works of extension or reform.

- Warehouses: maintenance work to ensure proper operation.

- Railroad tracks and cranes, as well as auxiliary elements of them, such as detours, crossings, maneuvering devices, performing conservation work, as well as minor works, when needed, of new implementation.

- Other elements: channeling walls maintenance, shelter and docking works, stairs, ramps and all those needed to make sure the right development of the functions of the port.

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