Sacyr Water

Water, an asset at present, a strategy for the future. At Sacyr Water we optimize water resources, producing fresh water through desalination, minimizing distribution losses, and enabling used water to be treated and regenerated for new uses or to be returned to nature in optimal conditions.

Water is an economic asset on which social development depends. Population growth, lifestyle transformation, economic development and climate change have greatly increased pressure on water resources.

Technology allows us to make the necessary amount of water available to people, with the appropriate quality for each use, without generating waste or pollutants.

Among the most significant activities Sacyr Water carries out are the management of the integral water cycle in several cities, the operation and maintenance of water treatment facilities, and long-term contracts for water treatment infrastructures. 

Sacyr Water’s experience and technical response translate into our capacity to exploit the different sources of supply, and also to provide the design and construction of the facilities needed to optimize natural resources and minimize environmental impact.

And all this with Smart solutions and applying innovation to all our activities.

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