Special Works

In an increasily demanding, digital and complex environment, where specialization and technology are key factors in the large-scale transformation of service standards, at Sacyr Maintenance we seek to respond to current needs from a renewed, innovative and integrating perspective.


In the field of rehabilitation of structures and the execution of unique actions, Sacyr Maintenance makes a significant effort. We have highly specialized teams and very specific technical means of high technological quality that enable us to face any challenge with our own means.


We adapt infrastructures to technical, normative and regulatory needs, prolonging their useful life. We guarantee safety with zero tolerance for accidents and visible leadership, as well as the sustainability of our actions, committed to efficiency in the consumption of resources and best practices in the reduction of emissions.


We apply the best market practices and innovations of the Sacyr Group:

- We promote circular economy with the implementation on site of RARx, a tyre dust based additive, which is used in wearing courses thanks to the collaboration of Valoriza Medioambiente and the pavement department of Sacyr Infraestructuras.

- We are able to reduce the carbon footprint in tunnels thanks to Sacyr Iohnic, a continuous LED lighting system developed by Sacyr Concesiones, which achieves 40% energy efficiency compared to conventional systems.