Social value

Sacyr Services, as a subsidiary of the Sacyr Group, contributes to generating sustainable value in the communities where we operate, through our activities and the promotion of environmental and social initiatives. It is in the area of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, through our Strategic Plan, where initiatives of the same scope are defined and developed in all Group companies. Sacyr is also a member of the Global Compact, and the Group's CSR and Sustainability strategy is aligned with the 17

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to implement universal ethical principles and declarations on human rights.

The driving body for all initiatives in this area is the Sustainability Committee, which consists of one or more representatives from each business area, depending on the nature of the project, as well as each of the corporate units most closely involved in the responsible management of the company.

At Sacyr Services we also contribute to the progress and well-being of the communities where we carry out our activities through our Foundation. Through the Sacyr Foundation we develop a wide range of initiatives within the social sphere, based mainly on promoting innovation, such as the development of startups and the exchange of experience, through the Sacyr Innovation Awards, and social action, such as encouraging employees to volunteer. At Sacyr we also promote physical activity through the Sacyr Sports Club, which promotes sport among employees, and we collaborate with the Higher Sports Council in providing five annual scholarships to sports people, as well as maintaining sponsorships with national male and female handball teams.
Finally, at Sacyr Group we believe that the generation of social value is necessary on two different levels. It is not only important to generate social value where Sacyr Group is present, but also in the Group itself. For this reason, we would like to emphasize the importance of the Diversity Plan and the Equality and Conciliation Plan.

Thanks to the former, we understand that differences (gender, age, ethnicity, culture, religion and functional diversity, among others) are a competitive advantage that brings added value to our Group, so we promote inclusive practices at all levels of the Organization. We at Sacyr Group are committed to equality and the fight against all kinds of gender discrimination and violence, and we therefore develop awareness-raising initiatives in this area.

In 2014 the Sacyr Concilia project was created, with the aim of promoting the balance between personal and professional life, in order to boost levels of commitment, motivation and involvement in the Group. Through this Conciliation Plan, initiatives are developed such as the Día Sin Cole (no-school day), which offers recreational and educational activities to the children of employees on non-school but working days.